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April 18, 2024

Using AI to create "influencer" style content for social media.

Updating on progress for "AI INFLUENCERS" to help create influencer style content for social media. Using same AI models in different settings along with different video styles. Trained on a website's product URL and then updated images, scripting, and target audience before allowing the AI to produce the content. 

Good/not great. Odd endings by the AI model that looks like they are confused or were about to say something else. Seems to be consistent on each sample. Scripting and flow seem good. Lip sync is closer for sure. 

Should be able to fine tune the endings. Also want to work on "CTA" (call to action) like having the AI say "comment sale below to get the offer" so AI can automatically respond to the comment and send DM placing commentor into the funnel. 

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